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The Belleville Theatre Guild
256 Pinnacle Street, Belleville
(613) 967-1442

Jim Ross, Jessica Murphy and Phil Bowerman

Belleville: Ditch the umbrella this Spring because April is no longer the month for showers leading the way for Spring flowers.

Get ready for Sinners. It is Norm Foster’s first professionally produced play way back in 1983. Since then, he has become Canada’s most produced and beloved playwright. It’s the fourth show of the season for the Belleville Theatre Guild and director Phil Bowerman has brought together some old Pinnacle Playhouse favourites for this black comedy about love, death and deceit.

The story revolved around the minister’s wife, who is having an affair with the furniture store owner. Monica, played by Jessica Murphy, is entertaining Peter, played by an actor who hasn’t graced our stage in several years, Jim Ross. Uh oh! Guess who is home? Why it’s hubby, Bowerman in a brief cameo role.

The police, a member of the parish and the women’s auxiliary all get involved. Also in the cast are Jason Bremner playing the sheriff , Lorraine Creighton as the sheriff’s wife and Corrie Allan as a suspicious wife.

With costumes by Carole Herbertson lighting by Greg Pinchin, sound by Richard Lummiss, set design by Bowerman, set painting by Kim Taylor, this is guaranteed to be a real success. Bowerman said “that after a rocky start where we lost a few people, things are now progressing wonderfully. We have an enthusiastic cast and a great crew including Terry Boyd, Judy Bridle and Jelena Savic on the production end of things. Everyone is looking forward to a great run, and I'm sure the audience will thoroughly enjoy themselves."

Don’t miss Sinners April 1 – 19 at the Belleville Theatre Guild, 256 Pinnacle Street. Tickets are just $18.00. Visit or call the box office at (613) 967-1442 or the web site at

Submitted by Debra Tosh