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The Art of War

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Press Release
January 2nd, 2010

The Belleville Theatre Guild
256 Pinnacle Street, Belleville
(613) 967-1442

Photo: Cast members from The Art Of War: Left to Right: Ryan Zaback, Stephen Wilkinson, John O’Connor, Rob Lloyd

Belleville: The third production of the Belleville Theatre Guild's 2009/2010 season will be the comedy, The Art of War by George F. Walker, one of Canada's most prolific playwrights and one of the most widely produced dramatists. In 2006 he was made a member of the Order of Canada. In 2009 he received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

The Art of War is the third in a trilogy of plays in which Tyrone Power, a broken-down journalist turned unemployed private detective, fights tirelessly but unsuccessfully for truth, justice, and the Canadian way.

In this play, Power is taking on international skulduggery in the Ministry of Defence/Culture. Think of the present scandals in Afghanistan but with Richard Colvin replaced by Sam Spade. It's very intelligent and also very funny.

Power's quarry here is retired General John Hackman, who is plotting with Karla Mendez, the daughter of a deposed Central American dictator, to restore her father's regime. Power, his sidekick Jamie and their friend Heather are no match for Karla, the general and his zombie aide, Brownie. Their only strength is innocence, and that isn't much.

The cast consists of two newcomers, Stephen Wilkinson as Tyrone Power and Jackie Sutherland as Heather. Along with Ryan Zaback as Jamie, they are the good guys.
The villains consist of Rob Lloyd as General Hackman, John O'Connor as his assistant, and Heather Barker as Karla, and they are all satisfyingly loathsome. The set was designed by Marianne Sutton.

Director, Steve Forrester, and producer, Dave Henderson, are both very happy with the work of all involved and looking forward to opening night, February 4th. The play will run till February 20th.

The Belleville Theatre Guild is very fortunate to have sourced the original score for the show by composer, lyricist and musical director and Dora Mavor Moore Award winner John Roby. The music is performed on a synthesizer and has a very James Bond feel with a really dramatic edge.

This production is the Guild's entry for the Eastern Ontario Drama League's festival this year, so it will be going on the road to compete in Peterborough after the Belleville run. Could this be another example of Art/War?

A wonderful new option for theatre lovers is the Sunday matinees at the Pinnacle Playhouse. This is a great option for those who are time constrained during the week or who don't enjoy driving in the evening. Tickets are just $18.00 and are available by contacting 613-967-1442 or by visiting

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