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An Evening of One Act Plays (2017)

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Not seen before on any stage but created by local playwrights...we present our annual EVENING of ONE-ACT PLAYS.
A selection of short, experimental pieces of theatre from comedy to tragedy to moods in-between, set on earth and beyond.

This event has brought new audiences, packed the theatre and always shakes up downtown in a way you don't want to miss! FOUR NIGHTS ONLY!.

Tickets $10.00 at the door. (Not part of our subscription series).


The Green Thumb Gang by Peter Paylor, director Terry Boyd

Therapy by Keith Taylor, director Lisa Morris

Summer on the Bench by Sarah Harren, director Maija Thompson

Unbecoming by Garry Kirsch, director Enno Busse

A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Penny Barker, director Heather Barker

Terry Boyd, Jim Love, Producers and Phil Bowerman, Stage Manager


Show Summaries:

Green Thumb Gang: Two seniors are suspected of stealing from a house, but insist they were only there to water the plants.

Therapy: A group therapy session for people who believe that someone they know has been taken over by an alien.

Summer on the Bench: two teenage girls spend their summer waiting for the right guy to come along.

Unbecoming: A murder case is baffling the two detectives working to solve it.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On: a couple on their fiftieth anniversary reminisce about their life together, with the help of a friendly waitress.