"The Henderson Account" by Warren Christiani

Online Play Reading
Thursday May 20th, 7:30 PM 
The Henderson Account by Warren Christiani
A sex comedy/bedroom farce.
This performace entails the use of innovative techniquies to present the story on Zoom.
Recommended for an adult audience.  Adult situations are alluded to, but nothing explicit.  (I was going to use the word 'mature' but that would be misleading . . . it is a sex comedy after all . . .)


  • Debra Tosh
  • Gerry Fraiberg
  • Kirsten Skjodt
  • Darren Moore
  • Nathan Mahaffy
  • Alexandra Bell


  • Sandra Christiani
  • Warren Christiani

Directed by:  Liz Marshall

Sound:  Alexandra Bell, Nathan Mahaffy
Sound Design: Alexandra Bell
Music: Alexandra Bell
Props:  Sandra Christiani, Warren Christiani
Set design and construction:  Warren Chistiani
Set decoration:  Sandra Christiani
Set painting:  Kim Taylor
Choreographic consultant:  Amy-Lyn VanLondersele
This reading will be about 25 minutes long.


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