Auditions: June 10, 12

Over the River and Through The Woods - by Joe DiPietro

Directed by Jeremy Henson

A contemporary American comedy.

Audition Dates: 

  • Sat. June 10th @ 2pm
  • Monday June 12th @ 7pm


BTG Annex/Warehouse space; 47 Oak St Belleville

**Please note these auditions are earlier and at a a different location than usual**

For Performance Oct 12-29, 2023

6 Characters set in Hoboken New Jersey, 1998 


Nick - Lead: 30's:  

Ambitious, Anxious, Panicked, Passionate, Frustrated

Frank Gianelli - Supporting: late 60's - mid 70's, Nicks maternal Grandad;  

Traditional, Loving, Loyal, Hardworking, Musical, Stubborn, Intelligent,

Aida Gianelli - Supporting: Early 60'- mid 70's, Nick's maternal Grandma; 

Strong, Loving, Kind, Loyal, Caring, Concerned, Gentle

Nunzio Cristano - Supporting: 70's, Nick's Paternal Grandad

Loud, Enthusiastic, Humorous, Storyteller, Mischievous, Ill (Cancer)

Emma Cristano - Supporting: 60's- mid 70's, Nick's paternal Grandma

Loud, Boisterous, Clever, Scheming, Matchmaker, Strong, Energetic

Caitlin O'Hare - Supporting: late 20's-mid 30's

Nurse, Attractive, Fun-Loving, Down-to-Earth, Confident, Gracious, Hopeful, Firm



The auditions will consist of readings of selected scenes from the script. No preparation of monologues or other material is necessary.

Please be prepared to stay for the full length of the auditions (2-3 hours depending on how many show up), so that you can read several scenes opposite most of the other actors auditioning.

The rehearsal schedule will be finalized after casting in order to accommodate the actors as much as possible, but generally will be 3 or 4 rehearsals per week, including one on the weekend. The time commitment will be heavier as we get closer to opening night.