Auditions - Proof

Director: Bill McMahon

Pinnacle Theatre Green Room

  • Saturday, November 3, 2 pm
  • Sunday, November 4, 2 pm

These auditions are open to any interested actors no advanced preparation or previous acting experience is required, and no appointment is necessary. We encourage you to read the script before auditioning. Auditions will consist of readings from the play, audition sides will be provided.


Catherine (mid 20's - 30's)is an aspiring mathematician who inherited much of her father's mathematical genius and, she fears, his "instability" as well; she gave up her life and schooling to take care of her father until his recent death.

Robert, her father (late 50's - 70's), world renowned in his day, having twice revolutionized realms of mathematics by the age of twenty-two, has suffered mental decline in his late middle-age. Recently deceased, he is seen in Catherine's imagination and appears in flashbacks to a lucid time several years past.

Hal (late 20's - 30's) a former PhD student of Robert's, during the one year his idol and mentor's illness went into remission. Now working in the mathematics department of the local college and moonlighting in a rock-band. it is he who uncovers the proof. With a long term interest in Catherine, it is for a slightly insensitive and manipulative.

Claire (late 20's/early 30's) elder sister to Catherine, recently relocated to New York and now returns to Chicago for a funeral, keen to take Catherine back to the Big Apple. She's non-mathematical and sophisticated, wants Catherine to be within arm's reach however is unwilling to offer her the support she likely needs.

About the play:

“PROOF“ by David Auburn, centres on Catherine, the daughter of Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius and University of Chicago professor. Catherine had cared for her father through a lengthy mental illness. Now following his death, she must struggle with her own volatile emotions and the arrival of her estranged sister Claire. Following Robert's death, his ex-graduate student Hal discovers a paradigm-shifting proof in Robert's office, which Catherine claims to have penned. The title refers both to that proof and to the play's central question: Can Catherine prove the proof's authorship? Along with demonstrating the proof's authenticity, she also finds herself in a relationship with Hal. Throughout, the play explores Catherine's fear of following in her father's footsteps, both mathematically and mentally and her desperate attempts to stay in control. Proof is a story both about authorship but broken relationships, how Robert and Catherine’s relationship has evolved over their years together, and how Claire struggles to comprehend how her sister has seemingly become an overnight mathematical genius with very little advanced education. We also touch on sexism in academia, family dynamics and proof beyond reasonable doubt.