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Standby Seating

Introducing Standby Seating

We have been finding that for popular shows like  Mamma Mia! it is often observed that, despite being sold out on paper, by the time the performance is set to start, there remains many seats that are unoccupied.

This is both a disappointment for the cast and crew who know that there are many of their friends who were unable to get tickets and yet they look out on empty seats which could have been used.

As a possible remedy for this situation the BTG Board has thought to experiment with the idea of Standby Seating.

Here is how we think it can work:

  1. People without tickets will form a separate line up.
  2. Five minutes before the start of the performance, the number of remaining empty seats will be reviewed.
  3. Empty seats will be sold to those in the line up (first come first serve) for a discounted price of $15.  (No guarantees as to where those seats will be or that friends can sit together.)
  4. Late arriving regular ticket holders will be accommodated as possible.
  5. Cast sees a fuller audience.